Who We Are?

Our Mission

The Carolina Bourbon Charity, united by our passion for bourbon and commitment to our communities, is dedicated to enriching the lives of those around us. By forging meaningful alliances and implementing focused initiatives, we aim to foster education, empower individuals, and cultivate well-being throughout our community.

Our Story

In 2018, a group of five individuals joined forces and founded the Columbia Bourbon Collective. Initially, their primary objective was to handpick Bourbon barrels and share them among their friends. However, as the group expanded from five members to nearly 700, their focus shifted towards philanthropic endeavors.

Recognizing the need to give back to their community, they felt blessed to have the opportunity to select their own barrels and share them with their friends. They believed they could do more, which sparked the idea for the creation of The Carolina Bourbon Charity. The question of how and when to establish it lingered in their minds.

In 2018, the CBC selected their first barrel, the Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve (Sept 4th 2018, followed by the Elijah Craig 94 proof, a 9-year-old bourbon (Sept 10, 2018), as their second barrel. The group’s popularity continued to soar, generating local excitement surrounding their activities. To date, they have chosen over 70 barrels from various distilleries.

Two significant events in 2020 shaped the trajectory of the Columbia Bourbon Collective and served as the catalyst for the unofficial formation of the Carolina Bourbon Charity. The first event was the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a devastating impact on the service industry and many of their members. In response, they organized a bottle donation event during a local meetup. Individuals could bid on the bottles, and the funds raised were directed towards supporting service industry workers in need.

The second event was the fifth anniversary of the passing of their dear friend, Penny Gantt, who lost her battle with cancer. To commemorate her life, they gathered together, and during this gathering, they were approached to donate bottles to a local charity supporting women undergoing cancer therapy. Ruben Salas contributed 30 bottles from a recently selected charity barrel from New Riff distillery, totaling approximately $1,800 in value. Through various silent auctions held across the Carolinas, these bottles helped raise $8,000 for the charity.

Since 2020, the Carolina Bourbon Charity has continued to donate bottles to various charitable organizations for silent auctions. Their support has expanded to include organizations such as Sistercare and the Midlands Habitat for Humanity. They introduced a donation fee tied to the barrels they select, allowing individuals to purchase a bottle while contributing to the cause. Bottles in Columbia, SC, collect these donations on their behalf, and all proceeds are distributed to Sistercare and the Midlands Habitat for Humanity.

In addition to these ongoing efforts, the Carolina Bourbon Charity has actively participated in bourbon events throughout the Carolina area and maintained strong relationships with Chapin Liquor, Bottles Beverage of Columbia, Sistercare, and Habitat for Humanity. However, they have been contemplating the idea of establishing their own non-profit charity to have greater control over the funds they raise. With careful planning and dedicated effort, they envision directing the funds towards a broader range of organizations in their neighborhoods and communities, supporting causes and initiatives that resonate with their passion.

And so, with great enthusiasm and applause, the Carolina Bourbon Charity was officially created, marking a new chapter in their journey of giving back.

Extraordinary Experiences

  1. Present Extraordinary Experiences:

    • Whiskey or Bourbon Galas: The Carolina Bourbon Charity hosts exclusive galas where attendees can savor exceptional whiskeys and bourbons, creating unforgettable experiences while supporting charitable causes.

    • Silent Auctions: Through their events, the Carolina Bourbon Charity conducts silent auctions, offering participants the opportunity to acquire rare and unique bourbon bottles, contributing to the charity’s fundraising efforts.

  2. Future Extraordinary Experiences:

    • Exclusive Barrel Selection Events: The Carolina Bourbon Charity plans to organize exclusive events, enabling participants to personally select barrels of bourbon, fostering a sense of pride and engagement within the charity’s bourbon community.

    • Distillery Tours and Tastings: The Carolina Bourbon Charity envisions future distillery tours and tastings, providing members and supporters with immersive experiences at renowned distilleries, showcasing the art of bourbon-making and offering memorable tastings.

    • Bourbon-themed Culinary Experiences: In the future, the Carolina Bourbon Charity aims to collaborate with acclaimed chefs and restaurants, curating bourbon-themed culinary experiences that combine exceptional flavors with charitable fundraising.